ADE and PR backgrounds

I want to use a PR background with a stock FSX airstrip. It's just a small rural strip. In FSX it has single runway, parking apron and four parking spots defined.

Whats the best method of maintaining everything about the runway - nodes, paths etc and especially AI activity, while making the runway invisible so I just see the PR background ?
I've kinda achieved what I want by giving the runway a 0 width but keeping the taxiway (changed to 'Path' type rather than 'Runway') it's default width. I see no runway but I'm not sure the AI is still working.
So is there a proper or 'approved' way of doing what I want ie just make the runway invisible while keeping all it's functionality.

Right click on the runway, and get rid of texture (asphalt/concrete etc.).

You just have the runway (or taxiways/ aprons etc.) "lines" defined. Then your image should show through just fine.

It is the same way to get runways on water.
Thanks for your reply.
Let me check for understanding, because I don't quite understand 'get rid of texture'.
So I right click on the runway and select 'Edit Object' from the context menu -- yes ?
Then in the Runway properties dialog I open the runway surface chooser, but there's no 'None' or 'Blank' or such choice to 'get rid of texture' .... but there is 'Water' and that seems to give the right effect ie I can't see a runway.
Is that what you meant ? Use Water as 'texture/runway type' ?



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I am not sure there is any way to remove the texture surface of a runway but leave the markings.
Hi ScruffyDuck thanks for your reply, I've just started using ADE ...been using 'another tool' but won't anymore you've done a great job.

No it's not the markings I want to maintain, just the 'workings' ie taxiways, startpoints and especially AI dependant bits, just want to make the runway/taxiway surface textures invisible so the PhotoReal background runway shows and AI keeps working.

Using a surface choice of 'Water' seems to do the job..... just wondering if there may be any strange affects.
So Scruffy, from the inside does a surface of 'Water' affect anything other than give the runway no surface texture ... because that'd be just magic.

Hmmmmm the runway part is working for the AI but I do seem to be having some issues having changed some of the taxipaths to apron paths, to not have a texture.
Incoming AI seems fine .. lands and taxi to parking seem fine. Aircraft that start at a parking spot/start point though, just blink out of existance when they are triggered to start.


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I am sure there is a way. One of the real developers will know (I am just the programmer here ;))
Through a process of elimination, the AI problem, that is AI will land and taxi in but won't taxi out and take off when I change the runway to Water.
Thats the culprit, the Water runway.


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Yep, I told you it would get you in trouble...

Try making a concrete runway very narrow (around 1 ft wide) - it will not be visible.

Hope this helps,
When I make the runway any narrower than 3.3 ft or 1.0m the compiler throws a fit and won't compile. As I understand it FSX will not allow runways of < 1.0m in either dimension.
Please tell me I'm wrong but only if I am.
Also note

The ATC Engine does not function properly with a zero width runway. No problem if you don't use ATC or if it is a very small airport.

ATC needs runway width to know when the plane has landed (based on gear contact points).
The MS Compilers do not allow runways less than 1 meter wide.

True :)

Less then 1M (.9) long and 1M (.9) wide or what I call a postage stamp runway.

I used 10 x 10 ft. of runway in the Xwind part of ADE to get a compile

INTERNAL COMPILER ERROR: #C2499: Runway length must be > 3.3 and < 50000.0 Feet.
INTERNAL COMPILER ERROR: #C2031: Failed element parse <Runway>
INTERNAL COMPILER ERROR: #C2032: XML Parse Error! Element tree follows: