ADE Compile Error 5000 meters from ARP and designator' with value '-3'

Using age 176, P3d v, w/same sdk.

In the process of updating custom airports for v4.5. The particular one I am having an issue with is SBNC . When checking for faults I have several errors. Some hold short errors out of range, Altitude needing adjusting, RWY 02C duplicated. I fix all except hold short errors... and saved. However, will not compile due to errors... I see an orphan runway at top of red circle, Getting (RUNWAY) that is 5000 meters from the ARP with a test threshold of 5000 meters, and runway = 02 ERROR: designator = -3.

Sim Directory in 4.5 not helping me upgrade some of my custom airports... due to lacking slew and weather options, not being available for some simple object placements. I decided to use v3.4 and instant scenery to make life easier on fixing/replacement of old objects and static aircraft placement, etc.

This has put my update project to a complete halt. Been struggling with this for several months.
If anyone has any more ideas on how to resolve... it has me stumped... I would really appreciate it.


Compiler Errors Found. These were not identified by the Issue Manager. Please let us know
what the compiler error is so that we can improve the Issue Manager.

The compiler message is shown below

ScruffyDuck Scenery Design Engine Compiling
Using BglComp....

Parsing document: R:\Airport Design Editor 176\!AdeTempWorkOnly\SBNC_ADEP3_ADE.xml

WARNING: #C1102 SBNC 5000 RUNWAY 5000 Airport (SBNC) has object (RUNWAY) that is 5000 meters from the ARP with a test threshold of 5000 meters! XML line: 4053.
INTERNAL COMPILER ERROR: #C2033: XML Parse Error (line, column, error)

ERROR: 32720, 34, '-3' violates enumeration constraint of 'NONE C CENTER L LEFT R RIGHT W WATER A B'.

The attribute 'designator' with value '-3' failed to parse.

INTERNAL COMPILER ERROR: #C2582: Invalid desigantor tag (-3). Must be None, Left, Center, Right, A, B, or Water
INTERNAL COMPILER ERROR: #C2031: Failed element parse <Approach>
INTERNAL COMPILER ERROR: #C2032: XML Parse Error! Element tree follows:

ERROR: version = 9.0
ERROR: <Airport
ERROR: country = Brazil
ERROR: city = Para De Minas
ERROR: name = Naval Trainer Center
ERROR: lat = -19.9210955947638
ERROR: lon = -44.5177929103374
ERROR: alt = 911.352M
ERROR: magvar = 21.3999996185303
ERROR: trafficScalar = 0.7
ERROR: airportTestRadius = 5000.0M
ERROR: ident = SBNC
ERROR: <Approach
ERROR: type = ILS
ERROR: runway = 02
ERROR: designator = -3
ERROR: suffix = 0
ERROR: gpsOverlay = FALSE
ERROR: fixRegion = SB
ERROR: fixIdent = FF02A
ERROR: altitude = 1524.0M
ERROR: heading = 0
ERROR: missedAltitude = 1828.8M
INTERNAL COMPILER ERROR: #C2607: Compilation errors detected, compilation failed!
INTERNAL COMPILER ERROR: #C2034: XML Parse Fatal Error (line, column, error)

ERROR: 33101, 0, Validate failed.

INTERNAL COMPILER ERROR: #C2430: Unrecoverable error parsing XML!
INTERNAL COMPILER ERROR: #C2006: Parse failed (0x80004005)
INTERNAL COMPILER ERROR: #C2003: Failed to process file: R:\Airport Design Editor 176\!AdeTempWorkOnly\SBNC_ADEP3_ADE.xml



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The 'more than 5000' message is a warning not an error. The compiler error is in an approach. Have you checked the Issue Manager at the bottom left of the ADE Main Windows


If it is red then click it and you may get help on fixing the error. Also please upload the project file (.ad4) for us to check. You should not work from the compiled bgl file
Thanks. Green No issues Found.

I was able to reload ade175. opened and resaved this file with no issues. I then opened in ade176... again compiles, no errors. However, it is not "building/saving" the new bgl file now. Have I missed something different between the two? I still can't figure it out.

Have Imised ade 2.png ade.png ade 2.png
ade.png ade 2.png
ade 2.png