ADE Error Logs


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As y'all will know ADE sends error logs when it crashes. We receive these and have to process them to our work list. Over the past year over 80% of all error logs are from older versions of ADE and over 60% report a single error in 1.75.6421 that we fixed when it first appeared over a year ago. That is dozens and dozens of logs

Generally we do not spend time on logs from older versions but we still have to check them to ensure they are indeed old. When we update we try to clear known bugs with the new version which is why we stop processing those logs. If the error persists in the update then that will re-open it on our fix list.

I suspect that most folks on this forum are up to date with their ADE installation. However if you aren't then please help us to help you by updating.

Thanks :)

PS the current production version of ADE is 1.76.6715. You should be offered this update automatically if you are using versions 1.75 and later. If you are using an earlier version then you will need to install the full production version. If you are running a beta version then error logs for those are indeed deleted at once if the beta is not the current one.