P3D v4 ADE fails to store airport

Not sure to understand...
I assume you "save airport as" at the very first draft of your airport, or when you want to give it an other name or an other location on your system. Have you checked the default destination folder of your "save as" or "save" commands?
I am currently working for my own use on Canadian waterdromes, and also modifying various stock airports, as with ORBX Vector, some stock airports are, completely or partially, no more on terrain, but on water... In My P34\Projects folder, I have created two more sub-folders, namely "Canada waterdromes" and "modded airports", and I just need to make a first "save airport as", then only "save airport" or CTRL+S when updating an existing project.
When you re-open an existing .ad4 file, ADE knows where it comes from, and there is no need to save it again "as", just "save airport", ADE will save the updated project as .ad4 file, and rename the previous version as an .ad4.bak file, both being into the original location. The .ad4.bak will have the timestamp of the previous airport, and the .ad4 the timestamp of your latest amendment to the project.
Possibly you could test this method and see if it solves your issue.
Other question: where is your ADE installed? Inside the "MS controlled zone", i.e. the standard Windows Program Files (x86) or Programs (sorry if confusing on the folder names, but I have a french Win 10), or outside?. Possibly a Windows update or any other process might have returned your UAC to a more restrictive option.
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As I suspected the log is not telling me much. However I can see you loading two different versions of your project file from the same location:


I can't see saves in the log - it seems we don't collect data about save actions.