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The resize function maintains the relationships. One way to do what you were attempting would have been to:
  • move all vertices simultanoeusly so that the upper vertices were over the desired uppermost points of the texture,
  • drag the lower vertices vertically to the lower points on the texture, and
  • resize the poly horizontally until it was correct.
This may have involved some juggling between drag horizontally and resize horizontally, but there would have been no distortion.

Incidentally, what you have to do with the GP editor is no different than if you were attempting to texture the side of a building of the same shape with the saem texture with Gmax.

I appreciate this is a pain with polys with a common side. So avoid such situations by ensuring a small degree of overlap instead.



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I talked about this when I responded to your comment about the crosshatch polygon. You can NOT move individual vertices when dealing with these "detailed" textures (with lines, etc. in them). You must select ALL the vertices and then use the Rotate, Move, and Resize buttons until the object fits the texture the way you want it to. DO NOT move individual vertices!

PS. Don mentions a way to move the vertices themselves, and that will indeed work. But one little slip of the mouse that you do not notice and your mapping will be ruined...

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