ADE-GP 2.2.16/17


I'm experiencing very slow behaviour with ADE-GP 2.2.16 when polylines are a bit complex (> 20 vertices). I updated to 2.2.17 but it's the same. I'm using ADE 1.76.6715.
I just changed my PC so I don't remember wich version I used before but it was pretty responding fast. Now I have to wait for each action about 10 seconds.
Any idea?



Resource contributor
ADE-GP is "unaware" of any connection to Pv4. If the problem only occurs when connected to PV4, I suggest you open the Task Manager and see where the computer is "spending" its resources.

I know. I think also it's a problem about resources.
As I use P3D to position objects I need it when I'm creating polygons.
On my old PC I didn't have this problem but I was under Windows 7, now Win 10 and with older versions of ADE and ADE-GP.
Of course the process wich use much ressources is P3D (90-99%), then ADE for the rest.