P3D v4 (ADE last version)HELP NEEDED Airports do not show up in the Simulator

Hello, i am using ADE with a pro key updated to the last version. My problem is that i have started to recreate several of the FSX airports i have created in P3D V4.5, they are completely made in ADE and use only default objects and libraries.
While a few of them work, most of them do not, i have added them to the simulator and the simulator supposedly refreshed its scenery database, but the airports are completely missing from the simulator, i can not see them, nor select them as starting point. They are all airports that are not present by default.
I can attach some of them if necessary.


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Sorry I was unable to get back to you sooner... wife had the other hip replaced last Tuesday.

Glad you got the help! Thanks Roby!
I guess she will have to rest a lot now. Good thing we only have two of them if not we would have to go on replacing them:)
Find her a place next to your computer and you will both be happy (I hope?):D
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