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ADE not recognizing FS2004 location.


I had ADE working for years, suddenly it stopped working.... I have both FS2004 and FSX installed and worked fine.

Today I tried to use ADE but found a decompiler problem.... it was not recognizing my FS2004 location.... only FSX, went down to the point of uninstalling FSX but now ADE is not even opening... the FS selection screen is black and ADE environment checker is not recognizing FS2004 path. (Im using version 1.47 since it had the checker) current 1.75 version doesnt have one but is having the same error.


FS version unable to load:


FS2004 location once selected, nothing happened and the error red bar remains the same in the Checker:




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The Environment Checker is out of date. This problem means that ADE cannot find the path to the sim in the registry.