ADE Stalls on Loading a Stock Airport


I have the same problem when trying to open a stock airport of P3Dv4 and using your ADE v01.76.6715. It gets stuck loading default footprints no matter how long you wait.
Thanks for the hint, Tom.
Looks like I deleted the big footprint package together with an older version of ADE. Will download it again and see what that gives.
Hi again,

Now I have the big thumbnail package in both the versions of ADE (in P34\thumbs) that I still have.
The crazy thing is that in the version I mentioned before (v01.76.6715 ), ADE still freezes after opening a stock airport upon loading the detailed footprints, while on the other hand, it does load relatively fast in v01.75.6372. beta !!!
Oh! I see:eek:.
Unless you consider me to be a dumb-dumb first class, may I suggest to make this a sticky?:)
By the way, it works now.