ADE - Texture folders


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HI Guys Im just trying to check some issue im getting here with either ADE or DTXBMP

In Ade there are textures folders in there I thought back in December 2019 that there were 4 folders;
and Textures_Dpy_Base

User created BMP files would go in Textures and Textures_Dpy_Base - these are used for fsx to seethe graphic and ADE to se the graphic for the Customer GP editor

Or have I slipped in to another dimension again ?


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Yep saw it but it refers to the textures folder which in my down load isn't there, got the others, Just checking in case I've a corrupted down load. I've put my own in there just couldn't remember adding a textures folder in the one I had pre-Christmas.


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There should be three "Textures" folders in the download, their names all including the string "_Base". As noted at the bottom of Page 21 of the ADE-GP User Manual (in the section to which I referred you in my previous post), the other folders are created on the first execution of ADE_GP.