ADE v1.78 compile question

I use FSX Acceleration. I recently installed a freeware airport (UTOD) which seems quite nice but for houses
in the river :) I spose I could pretend that they are houseboats but I used ADE to try to delete them
without success. The source bgls for the freeware airport are an ADEP3 type of file which I am not familiar
with (ie. UTOD_ADEP3_Den.bgl). They opened OK in ADE and seemed to compile OK too; however
the "house boats" are still present. I believe I have read somewhere that "ADEP3" files compiling
somehow involves the P3D SDK and I don't use P3D (yet). Is there a means to accomplish my ADEP
type file mods for FSX so that they compile correctly ? If I could get the P3D SDK how could it be
linked to ADE or would ADE prompt me for which SDK to compile with ? Or is any of this even possible ?
Any tips regarding this will be appreciated.
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Update >> I found / downloaded the P3D v3 SDK. Is there a specific location where it needs to be installed
on my PC so that ADE can compile with it ?
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I may have figured out a solution; though don't know if it's the best / preferred one. I installed the P3Dv3
SDK. Then in ADE I opened the Settings\ Options and Folders tabs and directed the necessary paths to
point to the P3D SDK folder / file locations, and created an ADE\P3D\Projects folder and set
this path in ADE as my save and compile folder. End result, no more " houseboats ".
Of course now I must set all the ADE paths back to their FSX settings.
Attached are before and after screen caps.



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Your problem is that the P3D v3 compiler may not be compatible with FSX. Usually compilers are not backward compatible. In this case you seem to have made it work but it may not the next time