ADE175 and P3Dv4

Hello guys its early morning and I woke up with something in my mind that needs to be clarified, and certainly I will appreciate your help and understanding.
First of all let me tell you that I am starting a new computer, win10, P3Dv4,and my 1st.impression was the speed which is amazing, of course there is nothing added yet....... and I will try to avoid installing anything un necesary.
So here is my 1st question, took my plane to SPIM and found an airport,very basic one, without jetways. If there is no add installed, just P3D4, I must assume that this airport comes with P3Dv4? correct?
So then I installed ADE1.75 as my first add on, loaded SPIM from the stock list and found a similar airport but this one with jetways? so 2nd.question is, where is this stock SPIM coming from? has to be from ADE1.75, or am I wrong in my assumption.
Then I made my first modifications to the SPIM stock, usong ADE1.75, saved it, compiled it and whent to P3Dv4 to find that the SPIM showing orresponded to the initial one and not the 1st and only one airport that I had created with ADE1.75.
I have set ADE1.75 to compile in an Addon Scenery/scenery folder that I have created in P3Dv4 for this purpose.
Appreciate your comments
Best regards
The stock SPIM comes with a number of jetways. Have you activated the addon Scenery\scenery folder as there is no addon scenery folder within P3D v4 scenery library by default.

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ADE reads the stock airport from the stock file in the version of the Sim that you have it running for. So in this case it is opening the airport as it is in the stock P3D v4 file. ADE stores a list of stock airports and what folder/file they are in but it uses the folders and files in the version selected. There are no actual airports stored in ADE. My question is which place are the jetways displayed? Be aware that you need your scenery complexity set to Extremely Dense in P3D v4 to get jetways to show up. It is quite possible to get them to appear in ADE but not in the sim unless you do have your scenery complexity set to the maximum.
Thanks for your reply Dave. Since P3Dv4 has just been installed, I had not activated the addon scenery to its full position. Did this and the stock airport now shows the Jetways.
So first issue is solved.
Now, my 2nd issue, why is it that although my SPIM ADE175 project has been correctly saved, and compiled to the new created folder Addon Scenery/Scener in P3Dv4 main folder, P3Dv4 does not open it and keeps opening the stock airport?
Hi Jon,good to hear from you.
as you can see I did set up the scenery complexity to maximum and the stock airpot is now OK
However the new Project that I created using ADE 175 from acratch does not, altough ithas been correctly saved and compiled, as far as I know


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There is no "stock" software condition, nothing is kept in stock in any software anywhere. Software is not the same as used cars that might not have default mufflers, or original rims.
Let me tell you that I have still not managed to understand why is it that P3Dv4 is'nt showing the project SPIM made with ADE 175.
Also I copied and pasted ADE airports that I had made before when running FSX on my other computer that I had on my backup, that I think were made with ADE165 and they also do not show when P3Dv4 is opened.
Appreciate some thoughts and comments
Assuming you are talking about the BGL file you compiled to the Addon Scenery/scenery folder, is the Addon Scenery layer present in the Scenery Library and checked as Active? Is it the top layer?
So simple,so easy, but if it weren’t for tgibson’s comment I had forgotten the need to activate the new created Scenery/scenery folder in th Scenery Library. Not only is the new Project now showing, but copied and pasted an old ADE proyect of mine done for FSX and P3D4 shos it perfectly.
Thanks my friend