ADE_052 Error - Simple one I think!


Got what I am hoping is a simple error with ADE version 052 (downloaded this morning from the ADE website.

The error I get is shown below:

Which would suggest to me that I am using the wrong version of SimConnect, or it is in the incorrect location, what directory is ADE looking for SimConnect in?

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I've just reinstalled the SDK, restarted, and am still getting the same error - just for clarification, so I guess It must be down to location?


I got the original SDK off the FSX disk and installed it on a different machine to a phoney FS directory.

Grabbed the .dll from there and put it in the main ADE folder... et voila!

Sorry for treble posting but hopefully this might serve useful for someone in the future.

Now off to play with this great software :D



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Hi Alex

Glad it is sorted. For some reason access to simconnect via dotNET can be fussy. ADE uses the version of simConnect that comes with the deluxe SDK. There is a later one with SP1 but both should remain installed in WINDOWS\WinSxS. Also in one or two cases users have had to put a copy of Microsoft.FlightSimulator.Simconnect.dll into the ADE forlder for it to work.

I also need to find a secire way to get ADE to stay running if it can't find simconnect but that is also proving tricky. Easy enouhg to have the program shut down gracefully but that is not what I want to happen