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P3D v4 ADE_GP Lines layering not working when material is applied

@gadgets and anybody else who can help :)

Sorry to bother you again but if I am not missing a setting that I am not aware in material editor, there is a possibility of another bug in the code.

Specifically, I am applying GP lines with specular, (issue you fixed the other day with the missing "*" in the code), but I am getting major flickering where the lines meet and overlap. Flattening is correct and matching airport elevation and lines have different layering in intervals of 4. ie. Lines use layer, 20 and 24. Also during export, I use an altitude offset to clear any ground to lines flickering and this is confirmed also by testing only 1 line with no overlaps and has no flickering with the ground elevation. Flickering is between the 2 lines and during the flickering, lines are displayed with alternating priority (ie. lines show one on top of the other sequentially and continuously - I can record a short video if it helps).

After 2 days of searching and testing everything to no success, I tried disabling the material from my line and used "Default" instead. Flickering was gone. Re-enabling the material for the line, got the flickering back.

So bottom line is that if I am not missing a setting in my custom material, could this be another bug when material is used for a GP line? It looks like layers are ignored completely with the use of material.

(ADE1.79 and P3Dv4.5 used)



Resource contributor
Overlapping lines of the same layer will flicker. Overlapping lines of differing layers should not. But then, you already know that.

You note that if you use the default material, no flickering occurs. It should be easy to determine the differences between it and your material and make adjustments.,

Beyond that, I need your:
.ad4 file
Textures folder,
Textures_Dpy folder

and directions to a flickering GP to diagnose further.

The .zip will probably be too large to post. You can e-mail it to don at stuff4fs dot com.
All requested files are sent to your email along with the GP bgl as well. I used the example I sent you the other time, including just 2 GP lines to keep it simple. The 2 lines overlap, one at layer 20 and the other at layer 24.
It flickers with custom material on the lines, with default it doesn't.



Resource contributor
It seems you did not attempt to determine the differences between your custom material (which doesn't work as intended) and the default material (which you state provides acceptable results). The differences between them are obvious when compared with the GP Material Editor.

Have you attempted to adjust your custom material to eliminate the flickering? What is it you expect me to do if you choose to deviate from a material that works?
Well it's not a matter of not attempting to determine the differences, I could see the differences however, as I stated in the previous bug, my settings of the material are identical to MCX for the same material that works without issues. This in combination to the fact that in the GP manual it states that "Default" settings disable specular from the material, was not what I am after.
I might have confused you in saying that default works ok, I meant specifically for the flickering part, not in total and me trying to deviate from those settings.

I am not expecting you to do anything if there is no bug, just wanted to make sure I am not chasing my tail trying to figure out what's going on in case it's a bug (and spend a week like I did the other time ending up into a code bug).

I will keep testing material properties then and see if this fixes the issue.

Thanks once more


Resource contributor
The fundamental difference I see between your "debug" material and the default is that debug checks Z-Write Alpha whereas "default" checks No Z-Write. I suspect this has something to do with the flickering.

in the GP manual it states that "Default" settings disable specular
Perhaps that was the case some time ago, but I see nothing in the code that disables specular textures. I suggest you give "default" a try.

Alternately, you could use the MCX version.