P3D v2 Adelaide & Sydney X Update's

Hey Guys,

I've just been working on updates for both Adelaide and Sydney V2.0, here is a little preview but both will be available real soon and free to all customers.

Adelaide for P3D is not the only update... FSX users will also benefit from V1.2 with better performance and reworked effect based taxiway lights. I had a few customers ask me about whether I could make it so that the taxiway lights turn on earlier with the runway lights, this will do that.

If anyone here has had problems with making lights using FSX effects as well as changing the colour of the effect feel free to email me, I'm happy to help.

Anyway here are three screenshots from P3D.


New effect based taxiway lights for FSX

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Sydney V2.0 (FSX) will also be available real soon, free for all existing customers.

Sydney V2.0 brings lots of redevelopment and new features to show Sydney closer to how it looks today. Those who fly Virgin will love V2.0 thanks too the new terminal expansion now being present with all new gate models.

Here are a few previews showing some of the work done:)


Thank you!

Yes the FSX version of Adelaide uses the effect based lighting for runways and taxiways now (screenshot 4/5). In terms of performance... no difference.

Hi, Looking very nice! I see you have modeled the city for Sydney. Flytampa will be releasing YSSY in a few months time, how about focusing a lot on the city and making a stand alone installer? many people including me would love to have the city with flytampa Sydney airport.
Hello Belal,

Thanks for your comment

The city is not part of my Sydney product, I'm running FTX Australia so perhaps they have done some upgrades. I have only done the airport and shipping terminal nearby.

Hope that helps