ADEv0.1.75.6400 RC1 Compile error

I am trying to update some scenery to P3d v 4.5 and I am stuck on a compile error.

It gives me an error for TxiPath #1965, referencing a non-existent runway #36.

I can "buy" the non-existent runway, but I can't find the Taxi Path to save me.

Help Please, Jon.



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Go to Lists > Taxi Links. Sort the list by Type and find the one shown as RUNWAY type assigned to R00. Delete it and compile again


If you want to see where it is then don't delete it at once but Close the List and it will be highlighted


You can either delete it there or actually change the type from Runway by Editing it


Save that and it should now compile.

BTW you seem to be using a release candidate version of ADE. You might consider installing the current production version which has some bug fixes

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Thank you so very much, Jon.

I stupidly forgot that 36 & 00 are the same runway. Just getting old, I guess.

I have updated to 01.75.6421.26577 from your website.

best regards

Al Rosenberg
San Antonio,Texas