FSX ADEX: plateau wont flatten

Hello fellow simmers and designers. I have encountered an issue while using the latest ADEX. I am working on my AFCAD for the Ian Fleming Intl(before renovation known as Boscobel Aerodrome) in Jamaica (Icao: MKBS). The default fsx MKBS is about 300 feet high..placed on a plateau..and a little bit out of position, further inland...far from the real deal. The airport in reality is 100 feet high...and much closer to the rocky coast...

After much trial and error, and using up all my ADEX ProKey priviledges on this airport..I was able correctly re-position easily the airport and lower to the correct elevation, along with all the flattening and excluding involved..and to me the Afcad didnt look bad..but I also had Orbx Vector and a few mesh addons for the Caribbean and Jamaica installed at that moment.

I had to get rid of FSX for a while..I have recently gotten back to it..I downloaded my scenery and placed it in default FSX. with no extra addons..and in general it doesnt look bad to me, except one major problem.

A Giant 300 foot plateau has been left behind where the default airport was.. that just wont go away no matter how much i flatten the area. So i tried creating a fake default MKBS(with revised altitude) and placing the dummy _ALT.bgl file alongside the real _ALT file in the Scenery/World/scenery folder, didnt work either. So now im a bit clueless.

I also have Scenery/0303/APX27250.bgl (Jamaica default airports) deactivated (APX27250.bak) so that my LatinVFR Montego Bay scenery will work without runway elevation issues. This has always been so and has never been an issue...I just use addon airports for Jamaica. Just wanted to mention this.

Does anybody know what i need to do to get rid of this? Please help me out here. I'll also leave a link to the afcad if anybody likes flying in this area and wants to try this out and help fix this plateau issue (Link to file on AVSIM http://goo.gl/TbZ90f).
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