adjusting ship wake height

I am having a problem tring to make the wake level with the water. At the oment I am getting a floating wake. How d i o about adjusting the settings?

here are the effects section
;/Types: 1=beacon, 2=strobe, 3=navigation, 4=cockpit
light.0=1, 200.00, 0.00, -250.00,fx_AI_seikan_wake
light.1=1, -130.05, -35.00, 0.00, fx_smoke_seikan
light.2=1, -130.05, 35.00, 0.00, fx_smoke_seikan
light.13=3, -10.14, -10.2, 9.6, asuka_fx_navred
light.4=3, -10.14, 10.1, 9.6,asuka_fx_navgrem
light.5=2, -9.0, -0.2, 27.0, fx_beaconh

smoke.0=0, -130.5, 30.0, fx_smoke_seikan
smoke.1=0, -130.5, -30.0, fx_smoke_seikan,
smoke.2=0, 200.00, 0.00, -250.00,fx_AI_seikan_wake

touchdown=fx_tchdwn_s, 1

Hope someone can set me straight
Hi Folks

Kiwiusa -
Coords are relative to the datum reference point.
Explanation is in the SDKs.

Positive == Forward, Upward, Right
Negative == Aft, Downward, Left

Your current wake is being produce by either -
light.0=1, 200.00, 0.00, -250.00,fx_AI_seikan_wake
smoke.2=0, 200.00, 0.00, -250.00,fx_AI_seikan_wake

Try adjusting -
WHATEVER=0, 200.00, -5.00, -250.00,fx_AI_seikan_wake

Tweak to suit.

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I tried adjusting both the settings but to no avail ?
I am attaching the wake to an AI ship but have never had this prob before???:confused:
Adjusting height of wake

Hi Kiwiusa,

There seems to be some difference in the order of the values in the LIGHTS and SMOKESYSTEM section lines based on whether you are placing FS9 AI in FS9, or placing FS9/FSX AI in FSX. I'm not sure why this is so but it must have something to do with differences between the FS9 and FSX SDK's. Anyway, the problem is easily resolved because if one value doesn't move the effect in the desired manner by observation, then simply try adjusting one of the other values. There are only three choices and while the first two might be transposed as either lateral OR fore and aft, the last value is always vertical I think. (There are some little catches though if you are taking an FS9 object and placing it in FSX but that may not be relavant to you since I assume you are using FS9).

However, The first thing I would do is remove the wake entries from the lights and smoke section (which appear to be placing the effect twice in the same place) and just leave the EFFECTS section entry "wake=fx_AI_seikan_wake". This effect doesn't need to be in three places! That will narrow things down a bit. In addition I note the details you pasted in your post show the SMOKESYSTEM section missing a square bracket. This section will not work in that case. Also, if you have any effects in the smokesyem section, they will only work if you manually activate the smokesystem (see your keyboard assignments).

Let me know how you get on.


Terry :)
thanks Terry,will give it a go.Have released the new ships on avsim .Barry has made some boats for fsx and they are 99 percent done.
A couple of fs9 ships were not compatible with fsx. Will try out your suggestions with these boats before release.:)