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AeroFly FS 2 support in scenProc

Thanks Arno,
Right the option couldn't be fixed, (the "group" too)... may be could be better to unlock autocompletion for group and species... and keep species as optional.
at that time it's impossible to launch script with other group than broadleaf or conifer...

Christian Bahr

Resource contributor
Hello everybody.

Is there a way my self-created building data, which are in the shape format (.shp) and which serve as the autogen for the FSX/P3D, to get into the AeroflyFS2? There, the my building and vegetation data should serve as cultivation.

I know that Scenproc can import OSM data to make the cultivation. Unfortunately, I do not have OSM data because the area (Nannhausen) is so badly populated with data. I only own .shp files. From this I would like to do the cultivation for the AeroflyFS2.

The buildings are polygon features. The trees are point features, but can be converted to polygon features.

One last question. Is there a link to an simple AeroflyFS2 ScenProc script?


Staff member
FSDevConf team
Resource contributor

Scenproc can read shp just as well as osm files. The rest of the processing stays the same, you only might need to check the attributes.

I think the manual should contain a sample script for Aerofly.

Christian Bahr

Resource contributor
Yes, we've gotten that out that shapefiles can also be used for aerofly-cultivation. Our script works so far that the featueres are read. There is still a hiccup in the generation of cultivation. It will be up to the attributes as suggested by you. Thank you for answering anyway:)