aeroG Aviation | aG-4 eVTOL Liberty Rotorcraft

We launched our flagship project, the “aG-4” in 2018. In the same year we hired Patient Services Inc, to help us obtain patients for the project. In 2019, the company was awarded a provisional aeronautical patient to protect our unique design and method of propulsion. We are currently seeking partnerships with existing aviation manufacturing companies to bring our aircraft to market.

Using X-Plane 11 software gives us a great starting point to for the feasibility stage of the AG-4. Understanding this design and complex aircraft structures is refined with the advent of modern simulation. Hence, I recruited a team of talented individuals and began fine-tuning. As the founder of this company I am proud to see how much we have learned and grown in the short time we have existed. We hope that our vision of safe, efficient, reliable, and profound means of eVTOL transport will be apart of our future skies.

Key Features
  • VTOL tilt fan capable of 260kt cruise speed
  • VR ready
  • Full 3-D internal and external model
  • Full 3-D panel with manipulators to cabin access
  • 4 separate internal viewpoints (3 in cabin)
  • Avitab support

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Be the first to fly this revolutionary new type of aircraft and prepare yourself for the skies of tomorrow.

Let me know what you think? We are hoping to port to new Microsoft Flight Simulator.