Afcad Assist

I am new to this jazz so forgive me if I ask dumb questions. I am working over the Reno Stead Airport ICAO ASD.and wish to add VASI lights to a runway where do I find the instuctions for installing them. Have gotten the OMI markers in place and checked. Also have made a bgl with a medium Bleecher that shows fine. My intent is to get this airport to be what she is in real life. and to have some flight plans that represent the last day of the Annual Races held there. Any help getting me headed in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. William Peck USMC MSgt ret : :stirthepo
uh... yer ... you're talking via AFCAD correct. If you double click on the desired runway, go to the VASI tab (4th) and choose the correct version. That was too easy ... did you mean somehting else or was that it?