AFCAD texture layers???

I am building a "from scratch" new airport. I used AFCAD to
place a large concrete parking apron. Later I decided to add a
grass texture around the edges of the concrete apron. The
easiest of course is to place another ground poly larger than
the concrete apron.

What I've found strange is the fact some ground poly textures
overlay the concrete while others show the concrete above.

How does AFCAD set the layer/display level??



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FS9 and FSX have their own rules for which apron surface overlays what. This may not be the order that you draw them in. The only safe way is to draw one apron around another as far as I know

That is what I did with AFCAD too. I drew one poly around another, rather than try to layer them.

I will probably continue this practice with ADE, but I have really not yet had time to fully get into using a true FSX airport design tool yet (ADE). I don't yet know how the design tools interact with respect to apron layers.

Probably they are drawn in the order they appear in the xml. At least that would be logical to me. Only problem is FS is not logical sometimes. :D


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Or draw only the apron with the XML code and use the terrain SDK vector polygons for the grass. I guess that might be my approach.
That is correct.

and FS uses its own draw pecking order which asphalt is no 1 and overlays all others.

I studied the draw order once and remember somthing like if you start with the lightest texture the next darker will cover it.

That puts concrete way down on the list.

Even FS does not over draw but butts one type texture against another. When you just try and lay a asphalt over concrete you are rendering 2 textures at once and this can have an effect on the sim running. One or two maybe ok but some I have seen have a 1000 samll asphalt aprons over concrete.

DO not get mislead with AFCAD. AFCAD does not play by the same rules as FS9/FSX. AFCAD has no limits which can cause problems if you add too many textures. FS9/FSX only allows a total of 255 Apron textures to keep perfomance high. AFCAD compiler has no limit.
Jim, do you have any idea why Grass, Grass2, Grass3 and Turf
look to be the very same texture?

I see AFX has the same choices except for UnknownX. Is this a
holdover from Lee's code?



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There is only one Grass recognized in FSX - ADE changes any Grass2 and Grass3 to Grass to avoid a compiler error. Same is true for Unknowns.

AFX follows AFCAD much more closely that either ADE or FSX Planner and uses it's own compiler so you would expect to see similar surface types although these will not pass BglComp.


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Hi guys,

based on my own experiments in FS9 (!) the drawing priority of the different apron surface textures is the reverse of the order of entries in the drop-down window in AFCAD2.exe. Thus, concrete has the lowest priority, then grass, then water, etc. Looks like ADE uses the same order so you can use that as a guide for deciding whether you need to carve out a lower-priority section or use a simple overlay.

Cheers, Holger
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Don't forget you can always go in and swap out default texture files for the unused ones like "coral" and "bitmus" etc, for other types of concrete or asphalt textures. For example, my "coral" texture is actually another popular concrete texture that is much brighter than what I use for my main concrete. This gives me the ablity to have multiple types of concrete showing up in an afcad design so I can have sections of new concrete interlaced with sections of older looking concrete. It really makes for a nice touch. But it won't look the same on another user's setup unless they have the same texture files in place that you do. Something to keep in mind.