AFCAD weirdness

I just converted an AFCAD that I was using for Shez Ansari's "La Guardia", to an X-runway version of the same layout. No hassles, I've done it before, and it worked.

But (you knew there was a "but" in here) now AI traffic lands downwind!

I used a saved flight to test the AFCAD "before" and "after" versions - so the weather is the same.

Prior to the X-runway changes, traffic was landing from the east onto 31, the winds in this saved flight at LGA are strange - at ground level they are from the west, about 285, although for an aircraft descending in this area, the winds are from the west at ground level but from the east on final - shifting around to the north before settling almost 180 degrees from where they had been at a slightly higher altitude.

So, beforehand AI had used 31, and after X-runway they use 13 and 04, with a surface wind about 285 degrees, so both runways are operating with a tailwind component! All that was changed (added) is the runway star (placed out in the south pacific somewhere). I thought that perhaps I had set the "wrong" runway to sense the wind direction, so I reversed the order of the runways (and ran the star system in reverse too, counting from 13 down to 04 (with a few L & R runways in there because the runways are 90 degrees). No dice, the behaviour was the same, although the star worked just as well "reversed" as it had "forwards".

Before I reverse the runway ends for every runway, I thought I'd ask whether that is the solution to the problem. Do I flip the base and reciprocal ends for every runway - or even just one of the main runways?

Aircraft landing at LGA from the south (04) are, in this saved flight's weather scenario, at least behaving the same way as the ones at Kennedy and Newark/Liberty, and landing from the south, so it is just 13/31 which is bizarre, where a/c are insisting on landing from south and west despite the surface winds being from the west.
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