AFD/XML flexibility


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I would like to see that the AFD/XML scenery get some additional options to make it more flexible.

For example you are only able to draw yellow taximarkings now, while a real airport also has red and white markings. Being able to add these would make it much more realistic. As these additional markings generally don't belong to a taxiway, but more to the edge of an apron or a path the pushback truck should follow it would also be nice if we could draw just lines that don't belong to a taxiway.

Another wish would be that we have more textures to choose from (or the ability to add our own again). Although there are quite some textures available now, it is not enough if you want to design your local airfield realistic. Just an example, for the bricks we only have red bricks at the moment, but my airfield has gray/brown bricks on the ground. So to make it realistic we should have more options in this field.