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Hi all, testing in various ways to discover the FS9 G3D.dll crash culprit, I was reading again the AFLT user manual and I found that at page 8 of the 21/07/2017 version the last phrase is cut.

Specify whether the light source is to be a BGL_LIGHT or an effect by checking
the applicable radio-button and, if the former, also specify the number of
BGL_LIGHTs to be used at each location. (Effects are always used for
simobjects.) Normally this will be 1, or 2 for strobes. But use of more may be
What should be the remaining part of the sentence?

It could be interesting because I was thinking that the use of more than one BGL_LIGHT at each location would seem to be the cause of the failure.


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Hi, Andrea. It's nice to know someone actually reads the manuals.

I have just uploaded a revised manual to my website (http://stuff4fs.com). There was a glitch in the generation of the .pdf. The MSWord .doc file contained the extra verbage but for some reason, the balance of the paragraph was cut off in the .pdf.

In any case, I doubt the extra wording will be helpful to you. I use multiple BGL Lights frequently - without difficulty.

:oops: I'm really disheartened, I made hundred of tests without discovering nothing about it. Every time I think to have something in my hands the problem disappears for some test flights and then suddenly it appears again.
Do you work with FS9 sceneries?
I'm not an expert in creating models, but using ModelConverterX just to see hwo the light models are made, I found a strange thing that for sure you can explain me.
I loaded in MCX the Approach.mdl file from the FS9 folder (present in the AFLT folder) and the same Approach.mdl from the FSX folder just to compare the two models. Why in the FS9 one there are two attachpt_Light
and instead in the FSX one only one attachpt_Light?
I found that this situation seems to be for all the models present in the two folders.


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Hi, Andrea. You'll have to ask Arno. The FS9 base models .mdl file contains a single attach point. You can open that .mdl file (AFLT\Base Models\FS9\Approach.mdl) with any hex editor and see for yourself.



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I had a look at the moment. I think MCX shows them twice because the attachpoint is used in different LODs. But since attachpoints don't have an LOD, this might actually be a bug. That's something I need to check the code deeper for.