AFLT4 Enhances the Realism of your Airports


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I am please to announce the general release of Airfield Lighting Toolbox Version 4 (AFLT4). It took me a little longer than expected , but the result is a more stable product.

For those of you focused on realism of your airports, I strongly recommend you at least take a look at the AFLT4 website. With its new graphical interface, AFLT4 is not burdened by the steep learning curve and complexity of its predecessors. (There's little from its predecessors in AFLT4; most of the code is new.) Making use of stock data with AFLT4, you can quickly and easily generate comprehensive custom lighting arrangements. But you probably won't want to bother because generation of custom lighting "from scratch" is almost as easy and fast. The best part - it's free!

As much as I'd like to think otherwise, AFLT probably is not yet bug-free. And there may be things that you will want to do that are not yet possible with AFLT4. So, I will be very interested in receiving your comments suggestions and, yes, even complaints. Please report anything that seems amiss, no matter how seemingly insignificant in the AFLT forum.

To download AFLT4, go to the website noted above and click the Latest General Release menu item. Installation instructions are near the beginning of the User Manual, which also includes a "quick-start" section.

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