Again problems with exclude area

I removed all generic buildings from the default airport with small exclude areas (only a few metres) to get my attached effects working. But today I wanted to delete the default txiwaysigns and so i added larger exclude areas. But the default taxiwaysigns are still in the scenery. Also a fuel station can´t be excluded. I also tried again small exclude areas just over the taxiwaysigns but nothing happened. I use SceneGenXb32 for the exclude areas. But still i don´t know why it works with the buildings but not with the taxiwaysigns. If i use one large exclude area everythings gone but unfortunately my effects also.


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If I remember correct the taxiways signs can be removed by making an exclude over the reference point of your airport (that is the purple cross in AFCAD).
also....i might be mistaken and maybe Nick will read this, is that Nick suggested something like removing the most southern taxiway sign and that will remove all the signs for that airport.Again i might be wrong but i think i remember reading a post containing this

I tried it. There is a reference point for the taxiwaysigns, but in my case it was not the AD ref point. It was quite a work to find the area in which this ref point is :ziplip:
Here's the pattern

The sign at the airport that i was rebuilding was an odd sign on a closed runway!!!

Using TCalc2004 I discovered which default BGL was controlling the airport. In this example, it was AP927190.BGL.

I then used the WinXP search feature to locate the file.

Once I found the file, I used "newBGLAnalyze" to extract the BGL Info. I also tried to use BGLXML, but it would not extract the TaxiwaySign info.

In the extracted file (really large) I searched for the airport identifier. (Ctrl + F). Scrolling through the airport if found the First Occurence of TaxiwaySign. I noted the First sign's Lat/Long.

In FS9, I slewed to the point and found the sign.

I made a XML exclude around that sign, and they all disappeared!

This is why some folks claim the northern-most sign, others the southern-most sign, and some can't get any signs to disappear.

If you exclude the first sign, that should get all the other signs!
just go away .. will you !

I just went through this last week excluding out my signs at KARR. I didn't want to use a huge exclude of obvious reasons but here is what I found. On runway 9/27 there are two signs - one at the 27 end and wasn't the eastern most or northern most nor anything that I can tell - it was just one that when excluded took out the 1st 3rd of rwy27's signs. Then on an intersection for 15/33's twy and rwy9 there was one that took out a third of the rwy9 end. For 18/36 were two also. One ~1300' feet from the 18 end that removed the northern half - the other ~500' from the 36 end that took out the rest plus the mid section of rwy9/27. (total of 4) The stock fueling area was easier but a bit more illusive at first. I ended up having to turn on the visual queue for the trigger effect in FS9, set my excludes to encompass the trigger area - not just the little structure - which was ultimately what was needed - and poof, it disappeared.


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Exclude the Frst Sign

The sign that must be excluded is the first one in the list. To determine which sign this is (other than by trial and error), decompile the "APxxxxxx.bgl" file containing the airport and note the location of the first taxiway sign.

Incidentally, as I think others have found, the excludeTaxiwaySignObjects excludes everything, so you want your exclusion square to be as small as possible. Your exclusion square need only be one digit higer/lower than the sign's position i.e., if the sign is at, say, N38.12345, then the exclude latitude bounds should be set at 38.12344 and 38.12345.

Have a good day, all. Mine certainly has improved.
My experience confirms the findings of "welshtorg" and "gadgets". (And "bvanbrunt" you did exclude the first taxiwaysign within the given airport?).

I managed to identify the main bgl file for the area and deleted the first taxi way sign as described above. Unfortunatley it did not work. I also tried to delete the refernece point, that did not work.

This is how I did it.

Go through each taxiway sign and delete as per the sdk one at a time. Create the bgl and then have a look in FS. Most of the time the sign would still be there, so I would delete that bgl and go onto the next sign. Eventually I would find a sign that would delete. I also discovered that by deleting this particular sign you would also delete several others. After following this process for the whole airport I ended up with about 7 bgl files which were able to delete about 30 to 40 signs.

I then combined the 7 xml files into one and compiled one bgl file and deleted all the other bgl so that I'm left with 1 xml, 1 bgl. The xml had the 7 exclude entries in it.

As a side not I also found out that you cannot combine different types of excludes into 1 xml file. eg data for a windsock and a taxiway sign. It's either all taxiway signs or all windsocks.

As a side not I also found out that you cannot combine different types of excludes into 1 xml file. eg data for a windsock and a taxiway sign. It's either all taxiway signs or all windsocks.

I think you can, but you do need to make sure that the first exclude has entries for every subsequent type you want to exclude.
I removed a fuel square at one of my airports with the old Exclude Builder that was for FS9. I got the coords from FSX and just plugged it in. This is the xml for that:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
version = "9.0"
xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="bglcomp.xsd" >
latitudeMinimum = "27.412718"
latitudeMaximum = "27.413107"
longitudeMinimum = "-80.429708"
longitudeMaximum = "-80.429055"
excludeLibraryObjects = "TRUE"
excludeTriggerObjects = "TRUE"

If you just plug in your coords and save and run it thru BGLComp it should work.
Joe W.