AI Aircraft AFCAD Problem

I need some advice, because I am desperate.
And although I have an airport with ADE created a Sea Base, so far that has worked well! Airport Compilert everything without problems, then loaded into the sim and airport my AI fliers are displayed on the parking positions. Also, I see fliers in the air, which shows that my AI flight plan works! But what does not work at all is that the AI fliers leave the parking position the stay just stand and disappear. Do not understand that, I have to adjust something there that the airmen get the clearance for the taxi ??



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This is usually due to there not being a hold-short node in the taxi-path to the active runway.



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Best, I can't tell much from a screenshot. We'd need your ad4 file to diagnose with certainty. But, for what it's worth, I don't see a runway link. Your taxiways seem to be connected to the edge of the runway. They should be connected to a runway link.



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OK, I can see there are hold-short points.

I'm no expert on water airports, but will a runway width of 0 work? Also, your runway link is segmented, i.e., there are multiple, sequential links. This may or may not be a problem. You don't have runways start points and finally, you have declared two runways, but only one is visible and linked. Has, perhaps, Flightsim made the invisible runway "active".

If none of these issues leads you to a solution, someone else more familiar with \water airports will have to jump in.

-You have two separate runways! ;
- the (default?) 01W /19W is still there;
- your runway center line is not on any runway;
- your water runway name does not coincide with the water runway name (it says that the center runway link is REASTW???);
- and some more things that do not look right.
Hello Robbystar

When I create the water runway I have the runway Eastw and Westw. But when I put the runway link I get this 2 lane. But I have to set a runway link or not? Here's a new try!

PS: I think I have found the mistake ......


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I use always concrete 0 M for taxiway and runway,and no water runway.
Make your hold short no draw.
Make more exits or the airplane must taxi a long way.
And what Roby say remove runway 01/19 ,if you can't find it use the fault finder and set a start and remove than the runway.

Hello Jan

Do you also use for the taxiways concrete I understood that correctly? How would an airport look like you could give me an example please? With a parking + taxiway and runway as red thread.
The 01/19 I have removed but it still still does not work.
Your parking has to be a dock.
Left click on the attachment and a window should show up where it says 'save as'.
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You have to save it to your desktop or wherever you want it to and open it with ADE and not with your paint program.
I think it should work when you make the parking spots 'docks' but I have not tried it yet.
Usually I make the taxi links and the runway 1ft wide (they will ot have any texture at that size).
Die Ersparnis hat funktioniert.
Aber auch das Auswechseln der Parklücken brachte keine Lösung, jetzt lassen die KI-Piloten die Motoren nicht mehr an.
Also werde ich bald aufgeben, das kann nicht wahr sein.
Vielleicht hat es damit zu tun dass deine Airport altitude in ADE -.046 m aufweist und die Links überhaupt keine Breite haben?
Sorge auf dafür dass dein Flugplan richtig ist und die Destination auch ein richtiger Wasser airport hat.
Ich habe in P3D keine AI Wasserflugzeuge. Daher kann ich es auch nicht ausprobieren.