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AI aircraft cockpit camera


I would like to have the camera set into the AI aircraft's cockpit when I select an AI aircraft in the FSX. (The aircraft I don't control and is generated as AI airtraffic.) So I wish to have the same view in the AI aircraft like in normal cockpit view of the user airplane.

I tried to get this by modifiying the AI aircraft part of the Camera.CFG file in the users application folder. My changes affect to the camera of the AI aircrafts, but I'm not able to get the correct definition for my desire (I can only see the AI aircraft from outside but not from inside). So, anyone can help me?
Even assuming you could get the camera into the correct position, AI aircraft do not have a panel or any inside structure, and the fuselage from the inside would be transparent. So you would see nothing of the aircraft, just the view outside.
thank you for this information. is there something written about in the FSX SDK documentation? i didn't found anything.

the cockpit panel is not very necessary. so if someone has a solution to solve this without panel, it would be great.