AI aircraft crashes into mountain

I thought you were creating a fake airport up in the sky? if so, it won't be around any trees. Are you talking about building a real airport?
Hello, Tom... It was a fake airport 6000' up. But, it still became populated with some of the scenery around it. Perhaps, I should make the elevation higher than ANY surrounding terrain. Didn't do that. I should I guess, because I even put in an approach for the AI, and it works for TNG, but the ding dong AI pilot turns counter to the defined pattern direction upon go around and flies straight into the surrounding mountain 1850' above the airport. This is interesting to say the least. (One thing I did learn is that, it's very difficult to "delete" an addon airport. I have to search out all BGL files associated with the airport ID and remove them from World scenery, Addon Scenery and project files of ADE. It's slow, but I'm learning..

You never have to delete the ADE project files, they are not used in FS and can be kept as backups. I've never heard of an airport above ground level displaying trees, etc. up in the sky. Very odd.
That would be a first indeed! Most people struggle with getting rid of the trees and such but never on a fake airport high up in the sky :D.
But, as you say, you are learning. We all went through this learning stage (and are still learning :rolleyes:).
You will make it.
Tom & Roby, Thank you for your support. I was deleting the airport totally enable to start over. I have started over and even still, trees appear down the rwy. This is of no consequence as this is only an intermediate approach to get the AI plane to an area of higher terrain so that it doesn't crash enroute to final destination. Hmmm, Perhaps I could achieve the same thing by using waypoints rather than a fake airport? Still learning...
Ahh..HaaH! Seems like someone mentioned that earlier. That's why I'm building a faux airport. It's getting closer as the AI shoots the ILS but turns the wrong way into terrain. upon the TNG. I have to edit the approach section... Youtube is my friend. Thank you for being interested..

I agree that "waypoint" is a rather vague term that can be used in many different ways. In real life an airport can be a waypoint, and thus Martin's confusion. However, I have answered this particular question quite a few times and the vast majority are asking if a navaid or intersection or other location on the earth that is not an airport can be used to route AI aircraft. Thus I assume they are not talking about airports as waypoints, and then the answer is no. So we are both right, in a way. :)
I know that he is right 99% and I can only hope for 1% sympathy points for using wrong terminology...

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