AI Aircraft disappears in flight

This has probably been asked before, so I'll apologize in advance for asking it once more.

I created a simple traffic file using AIFP containing three flight plans using multiple liveries of the MyTraffic Dash8-400. Three aircraft fly one round trip a day between KTYS and KLEX at approximately 3 minute increments.

All three aircraft depart KTYS, but approximately 15nm out they disappears from Traffic Explorer, STB and Little NavMap. I assumed they would remain in the AI bubble longer, but not sure how it's supposed to work.

I am also having an issue with them never arriving at KLEX despite there being adequate parking, but one problem at a time.

Hi Ernie,
this is normal. With traffic explorer you can follow your AI-aircraft from the start a while but then you can't see them further This spares the resources. But you should see them a while from the fixed landing airport before they should land. If you would see them all the time you have to fly with them on their site.
I tried this flightplan by myself: 4 PM from KTYS and 5:34 PM at KLEX prederterminded. Nearly punctually at the time (5:26 PM) my Cessna landed at KLEX. (sorry for my bad English).