FSX AI-Aircraft Editor Show Texture

I installed the FS9 version of the TFS Dash 8-200 from AIG, then applied the FSX conversion.. or at least I think I did!

In the process I replaced the FS9 models, updated the texture folders to include the new TFS_Dash8_Q100-200_L.dds, opened the TFS_Dash8_Q100-200_T.bmp file, inserted the new alpha.bmp, flipped the images and saved it as TFS_Dash8_Q100-200_T.dds

However, when viewing the aircraft in the AI-Aircraft Editor Model View, the Show Texture Info Model list still displays the original BMP texture information.

Not sure why the model viewer is showing the old information. Any thoughts?


Texture list for model: tfs_dash8_q100-200_nl_ts_fsx.mdl
1: TFS_DASH8_Q100-200_L.BMP
3: TFS_DASH8_Q100-200_PROP.BMP
4: TFS_DASH8_Q100-200_T.BMP
Got an answer at AIG. Apparently this is pretty normal with FSX converts. FSX will read the DDS files if it can't find BMP.