FS2004 AI aircraft textures drop out at 1600 feet away from aircraft.

I am setting up an AI aircraft in a small scenery, the textures look good on the AI.
But when I move away to 1600 feet and further the textures drop out, you only see the base model gray. Anything below 1600 feet the AI textures look good.

I am not an aircraft modeler so I will ask a naive question:
Do modelers of AI aircraft put code in their models to make the textures not show at a cretin distance? Perhaps to save frame rate.

Or am I dealing with another problem?




Resource contributor

AI aircraft modelers create multiple models that have fewer polygons as you move away. The lower polygon models are often not textured.
Thank you Tom for this information.
Also, thanks for all the support you have given the FS community over the years.