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FS2004 AI and approaches.

I've been through the posts about editing approaches (sorry to hear about Jime Vile...) and how it all relates to the AI.

A few things remain unclear to me.

1/ Does the IF and its location in relation to the FAF play a role in the way the AI flies the approach?

2/ If I create, say, ILS-Y and ILS-Z for the same runway, but with a different approach course in the header, will the AI use both approaches, depending on which direction it comes from?


The IF has nothing to do with it, since AI aircraft ignore ALL legs and only fly based on the "Main page" in the ADE editor (the screen that appears when you click on the name of the approach at the top right). None of the legs are flown.

AFAIK the answer is no, ATC will choose one approach and it will be used by all aircraft.