ai arcraft start up and shutdown sounds

Anybody knows how I can attatch an effect coupled with a sound file so as to enable a AI aircraft to make a shutdown sound at a gate or ramp?
Or perhaps you may know of another way?
I have tried shutdown sounds through the normal Soundai.cfg with no luck.I managed to create a similar effect with AI aircraft start-up sounds by adding an effect to a Nav light coupled with a sound file,ita a bit belated but it works!

Regards Alan Constable
Very cool the trick for the start up, I have no idea about this stuff, instead I want to ask something :eek: how could be changed the default sound for the Ai aircrafts ?, per exemple, I have AI Atr70, I would like those had the same sound that my F1 Atr 70, can be this get achieved ?
Edit: in an turbopropeller, the sound coul be linked to the propeller animation, when this stop the turning ? sorry but as said before I have no idea.
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ai Sounds

Yes you can add any sound to your ai aicraft,but be warned FSX is capable of playing arround 19 ai sounds at any one time. If you were to go to Heathrow or any large airport FSX would proberly be at its max.
A normal ai sound value would be in the region of 6.50 KB x 19 =12.35 MB, if I am correct?
A normal Flying aircraft sound would be 20-30 MB x19= 570 MB.
So as you can see FSX would take a massive hit.
FSX will only respond to a soundai folder and a soundai.cfg within it

Regards Alan
Thanks for the answer, I was wrong, I thought this would no have very much impact in the performance, anyway those are airports with not too much traffic, but I can't bear the sound of the king air on those Atr. It's clear one can't take the sound file of the payware airplane and replace the default as it is, This is what I could see. :cool:
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