FSX AI Carrier Creation Questions "Animation Triggers"

When I decided to build this carrier I was under the impression that I could use the CAT tool for triggers but I found out that it's tuned to FS 2004. I'm building this carrier with FSX and P3D in mind and it's obvious that some animation triggers exist, the blast shields on the carrier are an example but is there a way to create triggers for the elevators or other animations that I may want to incorporate?
I have some conditional animation in my Halong Bay scenery. I have to compile my models with MakerMDL (for FS9) to use CAT to be able to add conditional animations. It works in FSX but I dont know in P3D.
I don't own a copy of FS 2004 so will I need to get one to start the whole process or is there a way around it? If not I''ll wait the week that it takes to find its way out to mt sleepy desert town. That's good news though, I was sure counting on using the CAT tool... Thanks!
CWP- You don't need a copy of FS9.

1. Switch your options in FSDS to makemdl.
2. make your design
3. compile
4. Use CAT with this mdl to attach your conditions
5. Now- add THAT mdl-tweak to a library of your choice and place it.
[Put this tweaked mdl and others in a library all by itself. do not add this to a library that has xtomdl stuff in it. It will work but it is a hassle tryng to place the tweaked item. Best is to keep makemdl stuff in one library and xtomdl in other libraries. I was given this strong suggestion from Arno.]
No wonder - some time ago, I made a gate with a CAT condition. I tried 3 or 4 times to place the gate across the road, but it kept ending up 90 degrees this way or that or 30 degrees this way or that, etc. Finally got it to behave. What a pain.