P3D v4 AI Flight Sheduler [Development C#/WPF/SimConnect/MVVM/FlightPlans]

I am starting the development of a tool that will allow an *.PLN to be executed with AI Aircraft in which users can select the model (maybe 3rd party), and put those on a shedule plan. The flight plan file is the regular one used in P3D/FSX or created with external tools (like SimBrief). I am using C# with SimConnect and WPF. The idea is to be able to simulate company routes, fallow along airplanes, pattern incursion testing and others. This will be a free tool and i will provide this as an OpenSource project in GitHub.
Depending on the response, this could generate a small series of tutorials for our friends that are starting the development of FSX/P3D Tools ;).


* Summary

* Add new flight

* All active fli