FSXA AI-floatplane produces sparks and smoke on the water

Hi friends,
I downloaded the FSX Kenmore Air DeHavilland DHC3 from FlightSim (dh3f_kex.zip) and tried to use it as AI-aircraft.
First I had to change the contact points because the aircraft floates above the water. Then I tried to use it, but it shows sparks and smoke - the same as I had tried it on a beton or asphalt surface.
As pilotable aircraft there is no such effect. Any idea what is wrong? The same problem is with the FS9 model (dh3f_ ke9.zip)
I made such a converting in the past with other floaters and had never such an effect. Why?
Right Roby, I always use Ice surface and 0 width for the taxiways, runways and parking spots for my AI-floater. Never in the past had a problem with doing so.
Sorry, Christian, I am not behind my own computer and my memory is apparently becoming less:(. But somewhere there is something that makes me think you have to change the 'float' to'wheels or the other way around.
Will be back at my FS computer tomorrow and will check.
Maybe someone else with a better long term memory may chime in in the meantime?
Did you change the [EFFECTS] section in the aircraft.cfg?
here is an example:
touchdown=fx_wtrspray_s, 1
:teacher: Thank you Guenther. Now it works. I never had this problem with other floater. I am rather old but never too old to learn
Guenther was faster than I was :).
By the way, my water airports are made this way: see attached file. That way it can be used both by AI and pilotable aircraft.
Thanks for your file. For me I think it is a bit complicated. the surface Water for links and runways don't work for AI-traffic in my case. So I tried Ice and have made about hundred AI-waterairports in that way and had never problems. This was the first time and the the surface wasn't the problem ;) (The Skyros waterairport (Greece) has an fictive name.)


My way (FS9):
create with ADE9 water airport with runway concrete, 1.1m, apron routes water, 1.1m.
Compile with "AFCAD" Split option.
Edit this bgl with AFCAD2 and reduce width of runway and apron links to 0.
A little crazy, but it works...
Sorry I tried really to use water. I thought it will be the best. But all my floaters vanish at waterlinks, I don't know why.:rolleyes:


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It's because AI aircraft only have landing gear that work on hard surfaces - water is not supported.