AI Helicopter "runways"

As I recall then it's not possible to make helicopter ai in P3D, that takes off and lands like in real life. They need a short "runway" to taxi to and make a rolling takeof from
I believe the "runway" can be made invisible, but how short is it possible to make it (with ADE) ?
If anyone have gotten it to work, please share how, thanks.

I think there is no way to make starting and landing 'real' for a helicopter. In FSX I have many helicopter flying as AI but the way they need for starting or landing is maybe like an STOL.
You're right, it's more like a STOL, that's why I wonder how short the runway can be. I already have helicopters as ai, but they taxi all the way from their parking spots, to the runways, just like normal ai does, On the runway the start to hover aprox 3 feet over the rw for aprox 3-500 ft, before they climb out. It would be nice to have them start from their parking spots, but that's not possible as far as I know.
I never have tried such but you could design a 'special' runway only for the heli. Parking spot, a very short taxiway, Hold short stop and a runway. Now you can look how far the heli need for starting. But I am doubtful for landing this way! Try a phantasy airport only with this equipment. I fear you need for starting and landing of an AI-vehicle a minimum of runway.