P3D v4 AI keeps landing on closed runways

Hi guys,

I am currently working on Denver and have troubles with setting up the correct runways for landing traffic. I have added crosswind runways with 7.8 degree each so all of the 6 runways are used. However, although I set all the landing and takeoff runways like in real world (see screenshot) the traffic uses exactly those runways it shouldn't. There are options for every wind direction, but they don't use them.

I have attached my project file, you can see what I set with the runways there. Does anyone have a idea or trick how I could get the traffic use the correct runways?

The screenshot shows how it SHOULD look like. These are also the options I set in the project.

When I don't set any wind, the landing traffic takes both the red marked runways in the lower left, which are only enabled for takeoff. This causes big delays for departing traffic and isn't realistic.

Any help or ideas are greatly appreciated. Thank you!



Doing this would not be correct for DEN. Does this mean the option to set the preferences for each individual runway end are completely useless?
Cant speak for P3D, i know that is the way runways were hard coded by Aces/MS for FSX, so the sim probably doesn't care about how runways work in the real world, i guess there's not really much we can do about that.............
Operating Xwind runways was not part of stock/default airports for any Sim either, so we are lucky we are able to do that :)
Don't know about setting the preferences for each individual runway end being completely useless, they just have to be the same for both ends, or as you found out...........they will be ignored