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FS2004 AI line up on runway time

Now this will sound odd but perhaps I just like tweaking the last few bits out of my AI. When AI line up on the runway, larger aircraft (747/777/330 etc) will taxi down the runway quite a bit further than the smaller aircraft (319/320/737) before stopping again and then commence the takeoff roll. This can be frustrating especially on single runway ops for example at Gatwick.

Some may have seen I have started a thread regarding the FS9 landing distance clearance which I have successful edited, when getting an aircraft away in a 4m gap it works fine with say an A320 departing. The aircraft will line up, taxi forward ever so slightly, stop, then commence takeoff roll. With larger aircraft it is very frustrating, they will line up but taxi forward substantially at a slow speed, then stop and commence takeoff roll. Frequently this results in a go around for an aircraft on final.

Any ideas if a parameter can be changed in the larger aircraft? I'm guessing it is to do with a size entry in the .air or aircraft.cfg?


Resource contributor
I assume that this has to do with the plane's radius value. In FS2004 this is stored in the MDL file. It can be edited with programs like AIFP and TTools. But if you change it, you will also change its parking behavior and its stopping radius when lined up behind another aircraft. I doubt there is much you can do.