AI makes some trouble


I'm currently working on ETNL , a former NVA-Base, now operated as a shared airport : the northern part is military (JG73 Steinhoff , MiG29, Eufi) and the southern part is used by civil aviation(some smaller carrier like Sun Express, LH Regional, Air Berlin, Germanwings) and GA. So , how can I avoid GA or other civil Acft from entering the northern area and the military Acft entering the southern part ? I changed the wingspan from the Eufi to 11m so that only the Eufi can use the newly build shelter, guess what they do - right they are parking at the Gates !
Maybe someone can help ! Thanks in advance



You can edit the parkings tags, there is one called military aircraft or something so you assing them. work great. your ai military aircrafts have to have this tag in his configuration file, usually they are.