P3D v3 AI Monitoring and Taxi Speed Controller

I have been looking for a way to increase taxi speed for AI aircraft in p3d v3 similar to what a utility does available for fsx. I couldn't find much but came across this utility which works in p3d 2.2 and earlier which unfortunately hasn't been updated to work in v3 https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=185634&CatID=fsxutil . Tried it with v3 anyway but did not have any effect.
What method might it be using to modify the taxi speed and will a similar method still apply in v3?



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If it is still hard coded like in FSX, I don't know of anything you can do, short of asking LM to make it configurable?
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I would like to ask some help about Ai traffic's flight track during ILS approach.
I have learned that Ai traffic is flying + or - 25° degree to intercept final app course.
Is it possible to change this hardcoded value by ADE approach designer?

I would like to make ai to fly inbound IF on course 197° then turn to final course 270°.
Can I make this? If yes, could you give some advice how?

If anybody can help, I would really prechiate
Back to OP's original topic, I also tried to get AIDirector (taxi speed controller, see link above) to work in P3D 3.4, to no effect.

The author's name is Joe Oliveira. Maybe he can still be contacted?

In 3.4 The program interfaces okay and presents various dynamic AI data, a bit like a reduced version of the SDK's AI traffic explorer. You just do not seem to be able to set those taxi and runway speeds. Perhaps one has to go through the simconnect setup steps indicated in the readme. I tried, but admittedly did not really understand the instructions, from roughly item 1 onwards, after he says "confirm P3D is not running". Perhaps a kind soul could spell this out more clearly, and we might still get it to work? Where, for instance, do I get the "IP of my P3D systen"? Etc etc.

Simconnect Configuration
Included is a sample SimConnect configuration whichassumes a remote PC acting as a client to Prepar3D. See directory "Sample Simconnect Configuration". In this configuration configuration assumes Prepar3D is running on ip and port 6600. You will need to update the ip address and possibly the port.
1) Ensure P3D is not running. Confirm port 6600 is available for use <netstat -an|find "6600"> should not show any LISTENING connections.
2) On P3D system allow port 6600 through the firewall from the client PC.
3) Edit the sample file SimConnect.cfg Change the IP to the IP of your P3D system(this system should have a fixed IP DHCP sometimes changes the IP). If the port is not available (see step 1) then change to another port.
4) Copy this file, SimConnect.cfg, to your Windows Documents directory. Normally C:\Users\<your name>\Documents.
5) Edit SimConnect.xml, in the "Example Global (remote) IPv4 Server Configuration" section change the IP and port to your IP and port 6600 (unless you changed the port in step 2).
6) Copy SimConnect.xml to the C:\Users\<your name>\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2. If SimConnect.xml already exists take note of the port number and update SimConnect.cfg to the existing port number.
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I have been trying to find a way to increase taxi speed of ai in v4 following the already present taxi speed hack of fsx sp2 with no success. Attached is a modified ai_player.dll of fsx sp2 which on hex comparing with original seems to have only single change applied that has resulted in modification of taxi speed. On comparing with dll of v4 there doesn't seem to be anything immediately similar. Perhaps someone with experience in hacking fsx/p3d variables might be able to figure it out. For comparison the original fsx sp2 ai_player.dll can be found here: http://www.pconlife.com/viewfileinfo/ai-player-dll/

Edit: Uploaded wrong file with AI timeout patch instead. Updated to one with taxi speed tweak by flusifix, seems there are more than one changes.


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Have been asked LM several times by me and others, there hasn't been a response so far.
I can only imagine. Since LM doesn't pander to the entertainment industry, you would want to couch your petition in terms they can understand. I am kind of grasping for a legitimate reason why it might matter to them, why they would want their training software to have adjustable AI taxi speeds, or any sort of defined taxi speed at all.
You could make custom AI traffic that is already moving, in an animated loop. When the AI engine picks it up, it's speed is visually increased by the animation. The one only issue is that you would have to start up and get underway immediately, you would have to start simulating flight, because if you instead sat on the apron watching AI traffic move around, eventually you would see the animation loop and at that point the AI plane would jump back to the same position it would have been in had it driven there on it's own, thus destroying the simulation.
I guess realistic ground environment would be a legitimate reason for LM as much it is for entertainment users - Maintaining spacing while taxiing, doing a quick takeoff/runway vacation without interrupting arrival, etc. I would imagine a wholly script animated traffic something akin to fs2000 wont be able to serve the purpose being completely non interactive with completely silent atc lacking situation of a busy airspace where waiting for chance to communicate and such. The only reason why LM might not delve in AI things as improving arrival spacing mechanism etc would be either it need to be done really well or left alone. They can also open links to externally commanding atc and ai objects, and leave rest to 3rd party developers making interactive AI more useful than ever for realistic environment and scenario building, but can't think of a reason why that hasn't happened so far.


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I can tell you why it never happened under MS ownership - they told me that they were replacing the AI traffic with enhanced Multiplayer capability, so little to no AI improvements were forecast. I don't know if LM feels the same.


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They can also open links to externally commanding atc and ai objects, and leave rest to 3rd party developers making interactive AI more useful than ever for realistic environment and scenario building, but can't think of a reason why that hasn't happened so far.
Well the fact is that there are phenomenally effective and realistic software packages for training both ground handling and ATC. From the LM perspective, that market is likely well covered. However, professional grade, entry level simulators are relatively rare. The AI traffic is perfectly adequate for this product and the simulator does indeed have the provision for you to disable it and replace it with a completely stand alone system, Just as one can replace the default weather system.
If you are referring to addon atc programs then I have yet to see one that can simulate at the level of existing AI packages rather than fake the busy skies with no actual consequences in the sim, then there have been opinions by users of these software of default ATC being consistently more believable sounding in its speech in wider cases so that area is also yet to be adequately covered. I am not sure the stand alone system you are referring to, if its the AI packages as ut, mtx and such then they only replace the content, but its control and behavior is the issue here. The two you mention - realistic software package of ATC and AI traffic replacement system, could work really well together miles ahead of what they are right now if LM opened links to AI/ATC control. An addon software could then control ATC system to create for eg a better vectoring environment in the sim. As far as I am aware, while there is some availability of links to micro control AI objects, there is currently no level of commanding possible of p3d ATC system by external software.
I've managed to find how to change the taxi speed and timeout waiting time for AI aircraft in P3D v4. Let me know if you need any help.
OK, first sorry real life gets in the way and my job at this time of year has my going everywhere with little time off.

I have done exactly the same as others in the past to change the taxi speed and timeout settings. A post on avsim was removed due to me showing how to modify a file. Even though ANY and EVERY timeout or taxispeed program or modfiication is the same thing before as today.

What would you like to know exactly? I currently use P3Dv4. I started modifying my own aiplayer.dll ever since FSX to change taxispeed and timeout. It's unlocking the set speeds or time only.
Do not even know how to pronounce your MCX name (Butsjelli or bukelli?) but I would indeed like to know how you managed to change the taxi speed.
There was one that did it for FSX (at least) from a nice German guy (but I only recall flussyfix whose name here I should have remembered but do not) but that also changed the parking spots of the default airport vehicles.
There are so many things in P3Dv4 that have changed that I have not had time to get into that at all.
Enlighten us!
Hello Roby,
Some background first, I have been changing the taxispeed (kts) and timeout (minutes:seconds) variables in the code of ai_player.dll ever since FSX (hex code).

I first learned how to change the hex code at the offset address by comparing the original dll with a modified one. Basically knowing what variable you changed and to what value you check the lines of code to compare.

For example, brief partial worksheet I had for FSX

Timeout FSX Default (5:00)
timeout 000011B0
Timeout FSX Default (5:00)
Top - Unmodified
Bottom - Unmodified
Offset(h) 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 0A 0B 0C 0D 0E 0F
000011B0 C0 72 40 (72 = 5:00)
000011B0 C0 72 40 (72 = 5:00)
Timeout FSX Default (5:00 to 7:55)
Top - Unmodified
Bottom - Modified to timeout 7:55
Offset(h) 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 0A 0B 0C 0D 0E 0F
000011B0 C0 72 40 (72 = 5:00)
000011B0 C0 7D 40 (7D = 7:55)
Timeout FSX Default (5:00 to 16:54)
Top - Unmodified
Bottom - Modified to timeout 16:54
Offset(h) 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 0A 0B 0C 0D 0E 0F
000011B0 C0 72 40 (72 = 5:00)
000011B0 C0 8F 40 (8F = 16:54)
C0 72 40 Start
Dec Hex Timeout
114 72 5:00
115 73 5:15
116 74 5:31
117 75 5:47
118 76 6:03
119 77 6:19
120 78 6:35
121 79 6:51
122 7A 7:07
123 7B 7:23
124 7C 7:39
125 7D 7:55
126 7E 8:11
127 7F 8:27
128 80 8:54
129 81 9:26
130 82 9:58
131 83 10:30
132 84 11:02
133 85 11:34
134 86 12:06
135 87 12:38
136 88 13:10
137 89 13:42
138 8A 14:14
139 8B 14:46
140 8C 15:18
141 8D 15:50
142 8E 16:22
143 8F 16:54