AI-Seaplane doesn't return to it's parking dock.

Hi, I am disturbed because I have a problem with unexpected 'no return' of a seaplane from a take around flight at a new created waterairport in Hawaii. I named it HNLW. It is not my first work, I think I made ca 100 such airports with ADE.
The seaplane starts to it's time, went on the links to the 'Hold Short Taxi Point' stops shortly, drive to the runway and fly away. Returning the seaplane lands on the runway drive to the 'Hold Short Taxi Point' stops and wait there until it vanished.
I don't know why it doesn't drive home on the links to it's parking dock. I attach the AD4 file of this airport. I wonder if somebody knows the reason of this rare behavior.

By the way, I made the same at the island Kuhului andthere it works normally.


Without FSX I nearly dont dare to write something, but it could do no harm to compare the "Comms" of HNLW and Kuhului. :scratchch
Thank you Guenther for answering. I looked at this 'comms'. Sorry but I can not do something with this informations. Maybe you can see something in my attachments. OGGW is my name for the (new) seaplane airport of Kuhului.
I supposed myself that the big PHNL-airport cause the problems.



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This is symptomatic of no path to parking. I suggest you add a taxiway from the south end of the runway

As far as I know, the AI aircraft leaves the runway and stops at the "Hold short" point. Then happens a ATC conversation, but if there is no freqency no contact is possible and the aircraft disappears...
are the Hold-Shorts facing the wrong way? Try reversing them. Might make a difference?
Thank you friends for answering.
@raymk: Earllier I have to recognize the hold short is important but the facing is only for decoration. Still I tried it yesterday but no luck.
@Don: I'll give it a try. It is the first time I had this problem.
@guenther: I never had payed attention to the 'comms'

Edit: You are right Don. I add the only taxiway (with the Hold Short Point) to the south end of the runway and now the seaplane find home to his dock gate.
Thank you again and I learned something again;):cool::wave:
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