FS2004 AI seaplane traffic : unsolved problem

Hi to all :)
we are asking again FOR AN HELP to free us from a problem which, alas, we can not solve the AI traffic (VFR project on Como lake).
Although we posted a first preliminary version, unfortunately after takeoff the aircrafts crash (disappear) against the mountains surrounding the lake.

We would like to make one last attempt by changing/increasing the rateo of climbing. So, In practice we need to make sure that a piston plane, soaring at high level, can soar with more rapidity.
To date, using piston aircraft that need to reach the 5800 Ft for "climb" a mountain .... we see that these crash on the mountain as they come to it still too low (around 4200 Ft): then we would increase the rate of climb in altitude.
And here's the question: how/where do we proceed to change the Aircraft file.cfg and anything else needed ?
Thank you in advance for any suggestion that can drive us to the solution.


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It is unlikely a simple change to the aircraft.cfg file will accomplish what you want. It's the .air file you're going to have to tweak. (AirEd will allow you to do that. The trick is knowing what to change and by how much. Unfortunately, there's not much definitive information available on how the topic)

But, this sounds like more than just a tweak. It would seem to be a fundamental change in aircraft performance.

I suggest you re-post in an aircraft design forum.


Another way may be to adapt the approaches (but that would be for IFR). Check out Jim Vile's threads on the subject in the ADE forum.
Update: sorry this only works for landing not for take-off.
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