AI Ships Help Needed...

HI All,

I have built a ship for our latest scenery package and would like to set it up as AI. The model is done. I have no idea where to go from here and am looking for a step-by-step guide for dummies. How do I attach an air file to make it an aircraft? How do I add a wake effect and smoke effects etc? Is anyone aware of a tutorial?

Thanks in advance.

You want for FS9 or for FSX?

FSX ship traffic is well described in the SDK - you create route and port lists and process them using Trafficdatabasebuilder for FSX.
Hi Folks

I should have qualified my post as being FS9 specific.
i.e. suitable for setting up the aircraft.cfg

FS9 traffic files used in FSX will suppress all FSX traffic files.

Burkhard correctly posted above that for FSX
you should see the FSX SDK.

AI Ships in FSX

For FSX, if you don't like MS offering in the SDK, try this site This guy has produced a TTools like GUI for de/compiling plans. He also provides instruction in generating new routes using Google Earth and a few other tools.

Thanks for pointing us to it. It had been part of my MYGESE project since a year now, but I'm happy others support this now, since I just haven't the time to do so.