FS2004 AI Smooth V 1.20 Query

Just wondering, What is the "Control Batchsize" setting in AI Smooth V1.20 ? What is it used for in the program ? Is the number you choose for it, the amount of AI Aircraft you want AI Smooth V1.20 to handle ? I was having a problem recently, when I had my Traffic volume setting at 100% i.e. both Airliners and General Aviation, I was looking in the menu of the TrafficViewboard Program of approaching AI Traffic at Schipol Airport (EHAM), and some of the Airliners were disappearing from the TrafficViewboard, and not reappearing whilst on approach. Is there a limit to how many AI Aircraft AI Smooth V1.20 can handle. Am I correct about Control Batchsize ? And if so what is the maximum number you can have for it ? Last night I disabled General Aviation Traffic. And currently only have 100% Airliner Traffic in FS2004, and still run AI Smooth V1.20. And now some of disappearing Airliners, don't disappear and now land at EHAM as they should. Some AI Aircraft are on approach, and some still then disappear from the TrafficViewboard Program menu. One thing I have noticed is that if A KLM 747 doesn't disappear, a Qatar Airways 777 does disappear, from the menu, and vice-versa, there may be no link however. If an "Heavy" AI Airliner is allocated a spot that can also be occupied by another heavy of a different Airline. If the now none disappearing Heavy, now lands, could that cause the other approaching Heavy to vanish in Flight ? If the different Airline can use the same parking spot, and there are no other suitable and available parking spots for big Airliners at the Airport in Question at that time ? Or would it only disappear after landing on the Runway ? Any help and info someone could give me would be much appreciated. Eddie