FSX AI title and aircraft.cfg (SimConnect_AICreateNonATCAircraft)

Guess it will be the same for FSX and P3D. When I create AI traffic with SimConnect I have to pass the title from the aircraft.cfg (docs). So far I was under the impression that hence the titles are unique / have to be unique. Otherwise, how would I distinguish two AI aircraft with the title?

Now I have found that for my WOAI aircraft the same title is used multiple times within one aircraft.cfg. I wonder if this is correct and how I would be able to create AI traffic for both variations? Or is my assumption wrong?

title=AI C550 ABP
sim=Cessna Citation 2

title=AI C550 ABP
sim=Cessna Citation 2
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All SimObject titles are supposed to be unique. If one of the user aircraft has a duplicate title, FSX will complain and give you an error message. The aircraft.cfg you got those entries from is badly formed. You'll need to rename the title in order to uniquely address the aircraft.

If you want to scan your FS installation for duplicate titles, you can use Duplicate Title Finder (http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/resources/duplicate-title-finder.151/).
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