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P3D v4 AI Traffic: 3 planes on the same position and no take-off

AI Traffic problem:
My plane comes on the runway and stops at its take-off position,
stands still and does not leave.
A second and third aircraft come and stop at exactly the same starting position.
So I have 3 aircraft at the same starting position and no aircraft is leaving. (see pic).
My hold shorts are placed correctly with the blocks facing the runway and not too far from the runway.
I don't see any incoming planes.
My planes are on the second runway and not on the main runway.
I do not know why.
Any help is welcome, thanks in advance.


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Resource contributor
1. You must use red hold short nodes, not yellow ones.
2. The HS nodes must be within 200 ft of the runway surface.
3. Blast pads (yellow chevrons) are NOT considered part of the runway and cannot be used to fulfill #2.
Hi Tom,
thanks for your response.
I found the (stupid) error.
I just created a Hold Short with the Ground Poly Editor without creating a Hold Short Taxi Point with ADE beforehand.
(I must not have been awake yet).