FSX:SE AI Traffic Taxi Speed

Hi everyone

I was wondering if there was anyone savvy enough to have conquered the AI taxispeed dilemma with FSXSE. All the utilities (flusifix etc) are for earlier versions of FSX and don't work. Its driving me nuts to watch my AI tootle along and take forever.

Any suggestions appreciated. :(

FlusFix V5 is for FSX
The very slow moving AI traffic on the airports can be sped up with this function. The tool increases the taxispeed on taxiways and runways to 35 knots (default setting is 17/20). A higher speed is not possible because the AI aircraft would start to waggle at higher speed on a straight stretch. As in reality, turns will be made with a lower speed.

I have used the speed but i don't like it,to fast and sometime outside the taxiway.